ADC Young Creative Award

Type: Award
Year: 2014
Award: ADC Young Creative Award, Shortlist “Alternative Media” and “Film”

Annually 25,000 apprentices have an accident at work in Switzerland. 3 of are them fatal. Many of these accidents could be prevented by a single word: stop. The poster serves as a medium to show the injuries when “stop” is forgotten: The real three-dimensional deformation of posters represent these injuries: Fraktur (Fracture), Stauchung (Compression), Quetschung (Pinching), Amputation (Amputation), Blessur (Blessur) and Platzwunde (Laceration) are examples of such violations. Each poster is unique.

This work has been awarded at the ADC Young Creative Award in the category “Alternative Media” and “Film” with shortlist.

With Miro Pfister.